“Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Value Creation. A challenge worthwhile the effort”

  • 18:45
  • Av Rhodanie 4, 1015-Lausanne

Interactive session with Martin Velasco,

Entrepreneur and Business Angel with broad experience in electronic, medical and biotechnological areas.

This is a joint event organised by ESADE Alumni & ProCat “Professionals Catalans a Suïssa”, the Swiss Network of Catalan Professionals.

(event in English)

Martin Velasco will develop the theme: “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Value Creation. A challenge worthwile the effort” by starting with an introduction based on his experience with several companies/initiatives in his portfolio, in particular, Anecova, a company that has developed a revolutionary method and device to do In Vitro fertilization in the maternal environment; AC Immune, that is developing therapies and diagnostics to treat Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases; BlueOrchard, one of the world leaders in impact investing. He will also comment on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in maintaining our standard of living in the global, competitive and volatile environment.

As usual, a cocktail will be served at the end of the Q&A session.

  • Price for members of Centre Català de Lausana-Ginebra: 30 CHF. Price for non-members: 50 CHF. ESADE Alumni: you will receive an internal communication.
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  • Limited seats.

Looking forward to a highly interactive session with Martin Velasco,

Professionals Catalans a Suïssa             ESADE Alumni